file6901235145951 We provide service to our clients in the following areas:

We routinely assist clients in obtaining requisite authority to provide domestic and international telecommunications services, and to construct and operate their networks. We actively practice before the Federal Communications Commission, state public utility commissions, and international regulatory bodies, as well as the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense and other Executive Branch Agencies.
Regulatory Advocacy
We regularly represent the interests of our clients in rulemaking proceedings and enforcement actions, helping them to shape the regulations that impact their industry, and to achieve and maintain compliance with rules governing their business.
Data Privacy and Security
The exponential growth of the Internet and online commerce has given rise to complex legal and regulatory issues relating to data privacy, cybersecurity, contractual rights and obligations, and intellectual property. We help our clients navigate these emerging issues and generate protocols to protect their business interests in a global economy.
file000376730048Business Formation and Deal Making
We help our domestic and international clients develop strategies, from business formation to deal making, that will best achieve their commercial objectives. We assist them with every kind of transaction – from drafting and negotiating legal memoranda and commercial agreements, to licenses and finance arrangements, to mergers and acquisitions – that are clear, enforceable, and comprehensive.